Verse vs Verses

There is a need in poetry, 
to fill your verse
with charming simile;
but how to pervert
this course of line,
with use of measures
drunk on wine?
I invite you reader
to observe ~

An audience of disinterested cows;
A flight of phlegmatic gulls;
A quarry of stone-faced gentlemen;
A menace of quixotic professors;
A silence of feasting ants;
A conclave of pious crows;
A blistering of callous stockbrokers;
An incipient of unctuous clergies;
A consideration of festive librarians;
A catastrophe of like-minded comrades;
An oblivion of idle minds;
A squat of truncated paragraphs;
A wandering of listless souls
A cleaving of doubtful penitents;
A pirouette of frightened cowboys;
A brace of scandalous authors;
A burgle of senseless starlings;
An execration of saw-toothed attorneys;
A brume of dwindling hopes;
A carafe of bitter tears

Copyright 2019 by C. Max Schenk - all rights reserved, except for those dowered to my wife