Photographer C. Max Schenk has produced images that reflect the fine art discovered in the everyday objects of our lives and environment.

While using digital technology for some images, Max also maintains his connections to traditional photography equipment and techniques, utilizing 35mm, medium and large format negatives that are darkroom processed in his studio and scanned for image development.

Nationally recognized for his work in environmental conservation, education and advocacy, Max’s worldview and photography is imbued with an appreciation of nature’s cyclical resonance in all things. His work includes environmental and industrial abstracts that have been chosen in juried art shows across Massachusetts. 

“One of Max's great talents as a photographer is finding order in chaos. He captures unique patterns in natural and metropolitan locations that reflect the environment and his own style simultaneously” JPG Magazine

“Max is a wonderful photographer and I am inspired by his images and writing” Cara Weston ~ Photographer and Granddaughter of Edward Weston