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Last Stop Coney Island: The Life and Photography of Harold Feinstein

In 2014 I had the honor of being chosen by world-renowned photographer and teacher, Harold Feinstein, to produce darkroom prints of some of his most iconic images. Over the next several months I worked closely with Harold and his wife Judith Thompson to create a series of exhibition quality legacy prints.

During that time British documentary director, Andy Dunn, discovered Harold’s photography and began a five-year film project to capture the essence of Harold’s extraordinary life and body of work.

The result of Andy’s commitment is “Last Stop Coney Island: The Life and Photography of Harold Feinstein”; a beautiful rendering of Harold’s life as an artist, woven together with remembrances of those who loved him and shared his journey. Oh, and your’s truly makes a cameo appearance!

In these times of chaos and uncertainty, “Last Stop” is a reminder of how our humanity bonds us all to the eternal. You can see a preview of the film here and please follow the links on this page for updates on where the film is being shown.